Round Steak Recipes: Healthy, Paleo & Gluten Free

Round Steak Recipes: Healthy, Paleo & Gluten Free

our-round-steak-recipesWhen it comes to eating steaks and eating healthy at the same time many people, including myself, have round steak in mind.

This cut really deserved this “health stamp”: lean, inexpensive and widely-available. It can work well in quick and slow recipes (e.g. crock-pot).

To enjoy this cut, you will first need to cook it so it’s tender and juicy. The guidelines right below will help you – simply choose the cooking method you prefer.

And then come the healthy recipes.

Let’s steakeat!


How To Cook Round Steak So It’s Tender?

Before sharing any recipes with you, I think, we should prepare this cut as close to perfection as possible.

I invite you to choose any cooking method below and follow the directions – they have been proved to give awesome results. Try them out and then see the recipes below!


Pan-Searing Round Steak

Looking to quickly pan-fry your steak on stove top?

Follow easy steps and it will come out nice and delicious.

Here is how.

Tenderizing Round Steak

How to make round steak less chewy and more tender?

Serve the dilemma by following this link.

Cook On Stove & Finish In Oven

Especially good way to cook thicker cuts.

Simply sear the steak and finish it in the oven.

More details.

Broil Round Roast In Oven

If you are considering broiling as a cooking option, this guide will be helpful.

See it here.


Looking for more guidelines for round steak, including cooking times? See the full list of possible ideas here.


Healthy Paleo Round Steak Recipes

Now…the recipes. These are healthy, wholesome and nutritious just like ALL the recipes on this website, as I am obsessed with that myself.

They are also paleo. That means that you won’t find any processed carbs or gluten here. So pick what you like and try it out!


Please also try our side dishes and sauce recipes. They are awesome and wholesome!


Any questions or comments? Please leave them below!