How To Cook Round Steak So It Is Tender And Tastes Great

How To Cook Round Steak So It Is Tender And Tastes Great

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It’s lean, it’s inexpensive and it’s quick to make. That’s why I like it!

But, to be honest, it is a bit tricky to prepare.

That’s why I wanted to share my own first-hand experience in dealing with this cut, so you don’t end up being frustrated and unhappy =).

To make navigation a bit easier, I divided this section in three intuitive (I hope) parts. All of them directly affect how juicy and tender your steak will end up being. Here they are:

  1. Cooking
  2. Marinating
  3. Recipes

So follow them for best results – it’s that easy!


Best Ways To Cook Round Steak So It’s Juicy And Tender

What’s the best way to cook round steak? I think, it’s the one that makes it succulent, tender and delicious!

Here is a couple of cooking techniques – choose the one you like the most and follow cooking instructions for best results.

Round Steak On Stove Top

This method is, arguably, the most commonly used, when it comes to round steak.

The guide you are about to check out is a serious attempt to get into the most detail, so you can finally cook the perfect round steak.

Slow Cook Round Steak In Oven

Cooking this cut slowly in oven is the best way to retain tenderness.

It’s especially great for when you are cooking it medium-rare.

Here is the way.

Broiling Round Steak In Oven

Broiling this cut in a conventional oven is a tricky business…

However with a bit of insight on how to cook round steak with a broiler, it is possible to get some pretty good results!

Here is how.

Cooking Times Guideline

How long does it take to cook round steak in oven, on the grill or on stove?

This ultimate guide to steak cooking times will help you get exactly what you are looking for, even if you don’t have a meat thermometer!

Check it out here.

Searing Round Steak On Stove & Finishing It In Oven

Quickly sear it on the stove and finish it in the oven.

This technique helps to develop browning and gently finish the steak in oven.

Works great with thick cuts.

Try it out!



Marinating & Tenderizing Round Steak

This cut is lean and quite tough to start with. That’s why you might like to add some extra tenderness to it.

Here is what I recommend you:

How Do I Marinate Steak?

This 5-minute guide will guide you through the marinating process, making it very easy.

It answers a couple of FAQs (e.g. how long marinated steak is good for in the fridge) and gives a couple useful ideas.

See it here.

10 Tips For Hustle-Free Marinating

Need a practical, first-hand advice on how to get your steak marinating on the next level?

Click here to get some cool, handy ideas!

Ways To Tenderize Round Steak

Even before starting to prepare round steak in the oven or the stove top, you might consider tenderizing it, especially if the steak itself is very big or you prefer softer meat. There are few ways of doing it – find them here.

Marinade Recipes

Quick and easy marinade ideas, which do the job.

Click here.








Steak Sauce Recipes

Healthy and quick-to-make sauces are a great complement to any cut!

Try them with round steak and see how good they are.

Here is the full range.

Paleo Round Steak Recipes

Why not try cooking one-two recipes? Or even simply getting ideas…it’s always nice to get inspiration for your masterpiece.

So, if you are ready, I kindly invite you to try these recipes.









So, do you know how to cook round steak now? :)

See also how to cook sirloin steak.

I hope this was helpful and your results will improve! Question or comment to leave? Please do so below.

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