How To Cook Round Steak So It Is Tender And Tastes Great


Round Steak Cooking Methods – Becoming the Steak Pro

Round steak is one of those lean, inexpensive cuts, which needs special treatment when being cooked.

I’ve seen this too often – overcooked, dried out, chewy…you know what it’s like. 😉

And what’s the reason behind? Is it the recipe’s fault…or the cook’s?

Actually it’s the method that’s missing!

This is exactly what I do by helping you stop wasting your taste buds by chewing unchewable and eating uneatable flavorless round steak.

Oven Broiling


Broiling this cut in a conventional oven is a tricky business…

However with a bit of insight on how to cook round steak with a broiler, it is possible to get some pretty good results!



Marinating & Tenderizing


#1 How to Marinate Steak

This 5-minute guide will guide you through the marinating process, making it very easy.

It answers a couple of FAQs (e.g. how long marinated steak is good for in the fridge) and gives a couple useful ideas.

Mainating guide.

#2 Ten Marinating Tips

Need a practical, first-hand advice on how to get your steak marinating on the next level?

Try tips & tricks for better marinating.

#3 How to Tenderize Round Steak

Even before starting to prepare round steak in the oven or the stove top, you might consider tenderizing it, especially if the steak itself is very big or you prefer softer meat.

There are few ways of doing it – so tenderize round steak.

#4 Marinade Recipes

Quick and easy marinade ideas, which do the job.

Steak marinade recipes.




How to Buy Quality Round Steak

Unlike other more expensive cuts of beef (e.g. rib eye), round steak is relatively leaner and chewier – it comes from the rare part of the animal, which ‘works out’ quite a lot during the lifetime of the cow.

This is why we recommend you look for a round steak that has been matured (a.k.a. dry-aged/hanged) for at least 14 days (try 21- and 28-day matured if you find them too).

Dry aging is the process of natural protein molecule decomposition, which occurs as a result of enzymatic action within the meat itself.

In simple language – maturing softens meat and concentrates flavor (as a result of moisture evaporating). This is just what we need with chewy and lean round steak.

We also recommend you go organic grass-fed. Not only will you enjoy a better flavor, but you will also gain all the health benefits seen in wild game meat – higher nutrient density and better fatty acid profile (good for cardiovascular health).

Money saving tip: instead of ordering round steaks piece by piece, buy the entire roast (i.e. a larger piece of meat which they cut steaks from) and cut steaks yourself – it works out much cheaper!

You can also try cow-pooling as an overall savings strategy.

Please do NOT share this...unless it helped YOU.
Please do NOT share this...unless it helped YOU.