Cooking Steak In Oven: (Nearly) Everything About It

Cooking Steak In Oven: (Nearly) Everything About It

cooking-best-steak-in-ovenOven-roasting is a versatile cooking method - pretty much any steak, no matter how tough or tender, can be prepared that way.

It’s relatively hustle-free and the type of heat itself is more gentle and even. This is exactly what a juicy steak craves for!

Now, given the many ways you can use the oven for steaks, it becomes a bit confusing.

This is why I came up with this guide for baking steak in oven. It’s divided into 2 parts in order to make navigation simpler.

See below:

  • Ways of cooking steak in oven (aka ‘How To’)
  • Tenderizing & Marinating

Choose what you like and follow the directions. Simple!


Cooking Steak In Oven: How To

Yes, there are different ways of preparing steak in oven. That’s why I invite you to choose the one you like the most (or plan using) and follow the directions for best results!

Slow Cook To Medium-Rare

Low-heat roasting is the best way to keep the steak as tender and succulent as possible.

I recommend this method for when cooking to medium-rare doneness.

And that’s how it works

Broiling Steak In Electric Oven

How do I broil a steak in oven?

As it turns out that’s not that easy – conventional home broilers aren’t just powerful enough.

But there is a way out to manage it quite well.

Check it out!

Sear On Stove & Finish In Oven

Cook steak on stove and then in the oven.

First – get all the flavor from quick pan-searing.

Second – finish up to your liking in your home oven.

See it in action.

Preparing a Steak In Oven At 400 Degrees

How to cook a steak in oven at 400 degrees?

Here I show you how to not spoil your awesome meal at such a high temperature by carefully guiding you through the entire cooking process.

Steak Cooking Times

This ultimate guide of steak cooking times will serve you as a good reference point to start with.

Use it!










By Steak

Ribeye At Low Heat: Step by Step

How to cook ribeye roast in oven at low heat?

The 8-step guide will help.

See here.

Sirloin In Oven (No Broiler)

Looking to prepare sirloin in the oven without broiling it?

The method is right here for you.

Sirloin in oven.









Marinating & Tenderizing

Every now and then it’s nice to try something new and marinades is one way to go. Besides adding flavor, they also help to tenderize tougher cuts, like round steak.

Here is what I invite you to try:

5-Minute Guide To Marinating

Why marinate steak? How to do it? How long does it stay fresh?

This guide will help you get going.

Try it out.

Marinade Recipes

Quick, simple and delicious – these marinade recipes will flavorize and tenderize any cut.

See them here.

10 Tips For Better Marinading

Take your marinating skills onto a new level.

These 10 tips will help you out.

Click here.

Tenderizing Meat

Some tougher cuts need a bit extra tenderness.

There is a couple of ways to do it.


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