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How To Sear Steak On Stove And Then Bake It In Oven

[300250c] If you are looking to sear steak on stove and then cook it in the oven, then I am, internationally recognized steak guru (seriously! ), all at your disposal! I will help you cook a perfect steak using this method and teach you everything you need to know to do it that way every […]

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Red Wine Sauce For Steak: Quick Simple Recipes

Making a red wine sauce for steak is always a great idea. Red meat and wine are good friends. Pan drippings, the remainders of burnt steak particles and juices which you see in the skillet after pan-earing, will fortify the flavor and take your … [Read More...]

How to Cook Chuck Roast in Oven With Oven Bag

For all the beef lovers out there, chuck roast is one succulent dish to get your taste buds tingling. Although many might be put off by the idea of cooking chuck roast at home, owing to its lengthy cooking time, the process isn’t that hard if you … [Read More...]

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How to Cook Beef Chuck Steak on Stove Top In Skillet

Cooking a beef chuck steak on a stove top is a very nice way of cooking this particular type of meat. Since the chuck tends to be tough (the meat comes from the hard-working shoulder of the cow), it is best to slow cook it so that it gets nice and tender. However, with a […]

How to Cook Chuck Steak in Cast Iron Skillet Juicy & Tender

So you want to cook a chuck steak in a cast iron skillet. Yes? Well, you’re on the right website! Here I will give you a detailed step-by-step tutorial of cooking the perfect, mouthwatering chuck steak which will be bound to earn you dozens of compliments from your loved ones. So without further ado, let’s […]


How To Cook Chuck Roast in Pressure Cooker So It’s Tender

Paleo pot roasts are some of the all time dinner favorites, truly celebrated in family dinners and reunions. Whether it is a weeknight or a holiday, a steaming home-cooked beef chuck roast will never let you down. Traditionally prepared in a slow cooker, this savory delight is fervently aromatic when it’s cooking and simply flavorful […]