How to Cook Steak at Home Using Different Cooking Methods

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Here we show you how to cook steak at home, using different cooking methods.

Available cooking methods:

  1. Cook Steak on Stove Top in a Frying Pan
  2. How to Cook Steak in Cast Iron Skillet
  3. Cooking Steak in Oven
  4. How to Cook Steak on Stove & Oven


1. Cook Steak on Stove Top in a Frying Pan

When it comes to cooking steaks, the stove top method is one of the most used – it’s quick, simple and doesn’t require any special equipment.

All you need is a quality skillet, that’s able to accumulate enough heat to properly sear meat, a pair of tongs to flip the steak and a meat probe that will accurately tell the temperature, so that you don’t need to guess things anymore.

You will start by getting the steak to room temperature, followed by seasoning it with kosher salt and preheating the skillet.

Once the frying pan is jot enough, you will be searing the steak for around on both sides, resting and cutting it across the grain, so that it’s easy to chew and enjoy.

2. How to Cook Steak in Cast Iron Skillet

Just like with the standard stove top technique from above, cooking in cast iron skillet is great for searing all kinds of steaks.

Cast iron cooking pans have a large capacity to accumulate heat. So, once they get hot, they stay hot for a long while.

That makes this type skillet great for larger cuts, which tend to reduce the standard skillet’s temperature by a lot (once you put the steak inside), so that it’s unable to actually sear the meat (have you ever seen steak boiling on the pan, instead of searing…that means that your pan’s temperature was too low).

Skillets made of cast iron nearly always are oven-safe (if the handle is also cast iron, it’s safe), that’s why you can use the “cook on stove – finish in oven” method without transferring the steak from the skillet.

3. Cooking Steak in Oven

Oven cooking is divided into several different techniques (click the title to go right to them):

  • Low-heat method, which is ideal for less tender, leaner cuts like round steak. Low slow cooking helps to keep most of the juices inside the steak, leaving it more tender and flavorful.
  • Medium-heat method is good for all the cuts and we recommend using it when you want to gain most o the benefits of low-heat cooking, but lack the time  necessary.
  • High-heat oven cooking is only good for expensive, fatty cuts like NY strip and rib eye.
  • Oven broiling is a winter substitute for grilling, which involves cooking steak under the grill-like heating element inside your oven.
  • Sous vide oven cooking is a way to use the power of moist heat to break down tough connective tissue and tenderize steaks even further.


4. How to Cook Steak on Stove & Oven

This cooking technique might also be considered as a part of the oven paragraph above.

Just like with simple pan searing, you begin by cooking your steak on stove top, but for a much shorter period.

All you need is to develop surface browning.

Once that happens, you transfer it inside the oven, where you, using either, hot, medium or low heat, finish the cooking process.

This method works best with larger, thicker cuts, which need more cooking time.

Oven helps to prepare meat more gradually, helping to maintain natural flavor and tenderness inside your cut.