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Save Buying Meat

Why pay more when you can pay less?

Get some practical ideas on how to spend less money when buying steak and still get quality product.

The Cut You Need

Have you ever tried dry and hard piece of meat?

Chances are – the cut wasn’t appropriate for the cooking method you used. How to choose better.





Storing After Opening

Once the package has been opened, keeping meat fresh and juicy becomes trickier. Here is what you can do.

Freezing Meat Safely

Freezing is a good way to keep meat fresh for longer. See how to do it safely and avoid freezer burn.





Quick Guide For Marinating Meat

Have you ever tried marinating before? Maybe you need some guidance?

Check out my 5-minute marinating guide to begin with!

10 Practical Tips For Marinating

Make marinating a bit more effective, hustle-free and practical with these 10 tips.

See them out here.

Steak Marinade Recipes

Our simple and delicious collection of marinades you could try in your cooking.

Give them a go!




Cooking (by cut)

Round Steak

One of the leanest, this cut requires special treatment.

See the best ways of cooking it.

Rib Eye

A fattier and relatively more expensive piece of meat you don’t want to spoil.

See how to cook it.

Filet Mignon

Petit and super-tender, filet mignon is of a delicate kind.

There is a number of ways to cook it.

Sirloin Steak

Fairly priced and rich in taste – sirloin is a great cut.

How to cook sirloin.









Cooking (by method)


Prepare meat on stove top in a skillet and enjoy it!

With this handy guide :).


How to prepare meat in oven so it doesn’t dry out?

Find out here!


Broiling in a home broiler is a tricky thing.

Get best results when broiling.





Round Steak 

Simple & delicious recipes.

Try them!

Rib Eye

Easy-to-prepare and quite awesome.

Our rib eye recipes for you.

Filet Mignon

Add some flavor to filet mignon!

Here are the recipes.





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