How to Cook Steak at Home Using Different Cooking Methods

Have you ever cooked a steak that was either, overcooked, dried-out, chewy or flavorless? :(

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What do you need to prepare a dinner that rocks?

Sure enough, a steak of excellent quality is vital.

How to Buy Steak: Good Quality at Great Price

Everything starts with buying quality beef…without paying a crazy price.



Not planning to cook right away? Not a big deal…see how to preserve flavor and tenderness.



‘Before anything else, preparation is the key to success’.

So let’s prepare for it:



Ready to cook like a pro?

These guides drive you through the complex techniques, turning them into simple step-by-step manuals.

Just pick a cooking method…


Cook Steak on Stove Top in a Frying Pan


When it comes to cooking steaks, the stove top method is one of the most used – it’s quick, simple and doesn’t require any special equipment.

All you need is a quality frying pan…and the steak itself.

Pan-searing is a dry heat cooking method and is best suited for more expensive cuts like rib eye, sirloin and filet mignon.

However, when done carefully, leaner (and cheaper) cuts like round steak and flat iron steak can also be seared on stove with great success.

See how to cook steak on stove top in details.

How to Cook Steak in Cast Iron Skillet


Just like with the standard stove top technique from above, cooking in cast iron skillet is great for searing all kinds of steaks.

What’s the difference?

Cast iron takes ages to warm, but…once it’s hot, it stays hot for a good while (it is called ‘high volumetric heat capacity’ 😎 )

It means that if you have a big steak slice or even two steaks (!), you can sear them at the same time.

You can’t do that with a standard searing pan, as its temperature will drop very quickly and you will end up boiling steak (not searing it).

Cast iron is good for any steakrib eye, flat iron, sirloin, filet mignon

See the guide on how to cook steak using cast iron skillet.

Cooking Steak in Oven


Oven cooking is divided into several different techniques (click the title to go right to them):

  • Low-heat method, which is ideal for less tender, leaner cuts like round steak. Low slow cooking helps to keep most of the juices inside the steak, leaving it more tender and flavorful.
  • Medium-heat method is good for all the cuts and we recommend using it when you want to gain most o the benefits of low-heat cooking, but lack the time  necessary.
  • High-heat oven cooking is only good for expensive, fatty cuts like NY strip and rib eye.
  • Oven broiling is a winter substitute for grilling, which involves cooking steak under the grill-like heating element inside your oven.
  • Sous vide oven cooking is a way to use the power of moist heat to break down tough connective tissue and tenderize steaks even further.


How to Cook Steak on Stove & Oven

how-to-cook-steak-on-stove-finish-it-in-the-ovenThis cooking technique might also be considered as a part of the oven paragraph above.

Just like with simple pan searing, you begin by cooking your steak on stove top, but for a much shorter period.

All you need is to develop surface browning.

Once that happens, you transfer it inside the oven, where you, using either, hot, medium or low heat, finish the cooking process.




Got the cooking techniques in check and need some simple, healthy steak recipes?

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Please do NOT share this...unless it helped YOU.