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At SteakEat I believe in first-class quality, creativity and open-mindedness. I deliver all of these via a simple approach sprinkled with fun and easy-to-use guidelines.

I also happen to run this website. Follow up J!

How It Works?!

You already got it - my goal is to help you get the perfect steak every time. Here is how it works.

I am a huge fan of keeping things simple. That's why I came up with the 5-step framework, which will help you to get the most value. 

Check it out right below:

Step 1: Buying

Every delicious meal starts with buying awesome beef. And, let me assure you, you don't need to pay fortune for it.

Find about:

Step 2: Storing

Storing is the next big thing.

Do it the right way and you will keep most of the flavor and juiciness inside your best cut. Screw it up and your steak will be spoiled!

All about:

Step 3: Marinating

Every once in a while we like to try new things, don't we? I think, that's what marinating is all about.

Find more about:

Step 4: Cooking

My favorite part, if we don't take eating into account!

Find more about:

Step 5: Recipes & Ideas

This is where magic happens!

Just think about it - we grab some random ingredients, combine them, cook and BAM - it all tastes nice and delicious (well, it should).

Try some:

Exploring The Site

Few words about navigating around...

You can follow the 5-step framework anytime  from horizontal navigation bar. It's that simple!

I also tried to make the site as user-friendly and easy-to-use as possible. For example, I include related and suggested pages, which you might find useful - check them out as you browse through.


Saying great things is a great thing itself. If you feel like this page is valuable to you, or you simply like it, please let me know about it!

So, please:

  • leave comments
  • share your insights
  • spread your ideas
  • ask questions

And don't be shy...J

Thank you for reading all this and I hope you have a pleasant time here (and in all other places).

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